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Greg T Marks, BAMus BCS RMT

Culture Of One Music Services offers various music related services to Southern New Brunswick, Canada and beyond. Culture Of One began as a one-man writing/recording project, expanding over time to include a private lesson studio, repair shop, and other freelance music services, and earning a reputation for quality and reliability. Culture Of One services continue to expand, so please check back from time to time for updates.

This site is provided as a one-stop information kiosk, furnishing only the briefest introduction to our services. You may use the links at the top of the page to read more about each service area. For a direct one-on-one consultation, feel free to contact Culture Of One for an appointment.

We've Moved!

New Lesson Studio & Repair Shop Opening Soon

As you might imagine, the Covid-19 pandemic has not been easy on private music studios and independent musicians, particularly those who specialize in woodwinds and brasswinds (aka super-spreaders)! Culture Of One's in-person lessons were suspended (in favour of streamed lessons) starting in March 2020, live performances became impractical (and in some cases, illegal), and instrument fleet repairs ground to a halt with the closure of many school band programs. An attempt was made to retrofit the studio (with vinyl barriers and UV & HEPA filtration) in time for the fall, but circumstances beyond our control demanded that the studio remain closed. By the end of the year, after more than two decades living and operating in uptown Saint John, proprietor Greg Marks relocated to the St. Martins area, and practicality dictated the permanent closure of the Coburg Street studio and shop.

Fortunately, this cloud appears to have a silver lining. At the new St. Martins location there will be a permanent music studio space, a separate, dedicated instrument repair shop space, and maybe even a place for occasional house performances - something that was never an option in the old suite. Live performances will have to wait until the pandemic has abated, and the new repair space won't be fully remediated until summer, at the earliest, but the music room is set up, and online lessons have already resumed. Once pandemic policies permit it, in-person lessons will be offered here, and Culture Of One will investigate the possibility of renting a new lesson studio space in the city (or partnering with another business) to provide in-person options for those unable to travel to the current location. For those needing instrument repairs, the proprietor will be making regular trips to the city, so he can pick up and drop off instruments, as needed.

What can Culture Of One do for you?

Proprietor Greg Marks offers a variety of professional music services including


Live & Studio Appearances

Parties, conferences, weddings, musicals, stage performances, dances, club gigs, traveling shows, festivals, live-streaming, and studio recordings


Private & Classroom Instruction

Saxophone, improvisation (for all instruments and voice), and live looping lessons & workshops, supply teaching, band and choral directing


Specializing in woodwinds and brasswinds

Appraisals, maintenance repairs on individual instruments and school fleets, ergonomic adjustments, custom key replacements, plating, instrument recycling and sales


Songwriting, Composition, and Arranging

Charts and parts for horn sections, background vocals, choir, small ensemble, big band, orchestra; commissioned works; film/game scores; jingle writing; song and lyric writing; orchestration; transcription

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