the culture of one approach in a private lesson setting is one of mentoring or coaching; each student is unique, and so they are encouraged to set their own direction, assisted in establishing realistic goals, and provided with the skills they need to succeed. ideally, private students should have a goal in mind but be open to a broad range of musical experiences. a wide variety of study materials are available, allowing for a "multimedia" approach - listening, reading, and playing. lessons are tailored to suit the student's primary learning style - auditory, visual, or kinesthetic/tactile - creating the perfect learning environment for each individual.

all private lessons are recorded for future reference and security purposes. parents are welcome to be present with their children at the lessons if they wish - there is plenty of comfortable furniture to lay back and read on, or they may audit the lesson with their children. the first session for school-age students is always a meet-and-greet with the parents and children, and is free of charge, to allow them an opportunity to decide if student and teacher will be compatible. contact culture of one music services to make arrangements for your own personal lessons.

culture of one provides instruction in a variety of musical styles, at all levels from complete beginner through advanced. some of the subject areas available are:

  • saxophone
  • ear training*
  • jazz theory
  • vocal techniques
  • improvisation*
  • composition & arranging
  • basic jazz & blues keyboard
  • stylistic development*
  • flute
  • basic guitar
  • songwriting
  • trumpet/cornet

* for all instruments and voice