Culture Of One Music Services takes pride in returning tired, neglected, and abused instruments to playable condition. Our proprietor has been providing school fleet repairs for Rothesay Netherwood School since March 2003, and has also been contracted by local school teachers, students, and professional musicians. Many of the repair services listed on this website are available on-site at your location for large-scale contracts. Basic maintenance repair services are available free of charge to Culture Of One private students. Estimates for all other repairs are available on request. Members of the New Brunswick Musicians' Association (AFM Local 815) get a 25% discount on labour rates.

Culture Of One specializes in saxophone repairs, but also tackles other woodwinds and brasswinds (and even the occasional guitar or case repair). Our repair tech is willing to tackle everything from simple leak inspections to complete school/band fleet overhauls. Our repair shop is equipped to perform simple- to medium-scale repairs such as:

  • leak elimination
  • cork/teflon/felt bumper replacement
  • pad replacement
  • pad resonator replacement
  • screw replacement
  • spring replacement
  • neck and tenon cork replacement
  • pearl replacement
  • octave vent tube replacement
  • intonation correction/fine tuning
  • post replacement/spot welding
  • key rebending/adjustment
  • tenon reshaping and expansion
  • dent removal
  • key replacement
  • custom mouthpiece modification
  • custom key modification
  • nickel & silver spot plating
  • mouthpiece pulling/reshaping
  • valve lubrication/cleaning
after repairs
Dupaquier After Photo
before repairs
Dupaquier Before Photo
This rare 1923 Couesnon Systeme Dupaquier C Tenor was unplayable when it arrived in the shop. After cleaning, spot-welding, repadding, and recorking, it's still a work-in-progress, but it's coming along nicely (and wow does it sing).

In addition, Culture Of One provides consulting services for various horn customizations. Our repair tech's unique background includes experience in interface design, analyzing instrument ergonomics, and creating custom key systems (to suit the individual needs of specific players, including key extensions, key reshaping, palm/side key height modifications for small or large hands). Below are some samples of past custom modifications. Such modifications can be temporary - able to stand up to punishment, but removable without causing harm to the instrument - permanent, or even total key replacements.

weidoeft alto palm key    weidoeft alto palm key    mark vi alto bis key    ba tenor octave key    elkhart c-melody octave key

Whether you need an instrument customized to suit your personal ergonomic requirements, or just a tune-up, feel free to contact us. Our proprietor will be happy to provide a free consultation.

after repairs
Yani After Photo
before repairs
Yani Before Photo
This silver-plated Yanigisawa tenor had significant silver tarnish, verdigris, and red-rot corrosion. It required heavy cleaning, spot re-plating, and complete repadding.